Based in New York, Kevin is an industrial designer who finds inspiration in the immediate world around him (which is why he always has a sketchbook and pencil in hand).

Kevin began drawing as a young child and hasn’t stopped since. He is intrigued by mundane and subtle moments and loves to translate them onto paper. He obtained a BFA in Industrial and Product Design from the Parsons School of Design and found that industrial design offers the perfect combination of sketching, exploring ideas, and solving problems one design at a time.

With an eye towards sustainability, Kevin’s talents lie in the intersection of art, design, and functionality. He strives to meet the needs of his diverse clientele with creative solutions for packaging, consumer goods, furniture, and small-scale everyday products. He focuses on quality designs made with eco-friendly materials and consummate attention to details others might overlook.

Kevin enjoys working both on “passion projects” that pique his interest and on products that make life better for his fellow humans. “Ultimately, I hope to help others through the joy of viewing and experiencing art, and through design to better their circumstances.”

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