project 318

In late 2017 to early 2018, I experienced a creative turning point in my life. I was working a job that didn’t satisfy me. I was discontent, uninspired, and, frankly, a little lost. In spite of these challenges, I took daily strolls around SoHo during my lunch breaks, taking in the surroundings and the people and, of course, sketching. Eventually, after several weeks of long walks, it dawned on me that I had amassed quite a stockpile of creative work to draw new concepts from.

Project 318 (launched in March of 2018 - hence the name) was a turning point for me. An awakening. Under the Project 318 label, I began to release a lot of these creative studies to friends and the public. If you look through some of the studies below, you can start to see the world through my eyes and how this worldview carries over into several Creative Studio projects.


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