The Sketchbook Shirt

Designer and Crafter: Matthew Colón
Photography: Dino Lauando
Kevin's Contribution: 2D Ideation/initial concept

I am literally ‘that guy’ who walks around New York City with a sketchbook, constantly sketching and questioning my environment. In collaboration with Matthew Colon, I wanted to develop a multi-use shirt that could be worn for many occasions, including interviews, client meetings, and social outings. Most importantly, we envisioned a practical shirt designed for both style and convenience, with a perfectly sized pocket to hold the signature sketchbook + pen.

The Sketchbook Shirt was designed and assembled locally in Brooklyn, NY by Aura Sewing Factory with exceptional attention to detail. Made of 100% oxford cotton, averaging 28 stitches per inch, and featuring elegant mother of pearl buttons, this is one shirt I am proud to step out on the streets in.

In case you are wondering: Yes, the guy modeling the shirt is me!

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